Miracles of Service: One person can make a difference...sometimes in profound, life-altering ways

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Laura Pexton was always in a hurry, even before she was born. Then a breast cancer diagnosis derailed her life plans, or so she thought. This book is the retelling of the author’s tumultuous journey through 15 years of cancer diagnoses and her humanitarian travels throughout the world. Her message is that one person can live beyond limits.Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer at age twenty-eight soon after giving birth to her daughter. Three years later the cancer was back, literally in her back and spreading throughout her bones. This was a Stage IV “terminal” diagnosis and she was given no hope of a cure. This book chronicles the agony of the disease and the ecstasy of victory as 15 years later, Laura is still here. She hasn’t just been around the block; she has been around the world. The journey evolved from one of pain and suffering to one of awe and appreciation. She is an ordinary person who has experienced extraordinary things. She chose to live her legacy instead of leaving it.Laura asked herself if she did not have cancer, what would she be doing with her life?The answer: serving. She wanted to make a difference using her medical skills. She has a doctorate degree in nursing. She courageously participated in 11 medical missions to diverse and fascinating destinations across the globe. She was in an earthquake in Peru, a typhoon in Vietnam, and parasailed over the South China Sea. She has worked with children in hospitals around the world- sometimes surrounded by filth, stench and squalor, lacking basic medical supplies, running water, toilets, and electricity. Her hope is that this book will provide inspiration and the certainty that is it possible to live beyond limits. One person can make a difference. One person can overcome an insurmountable diagnosis. One person can make the world a better place. By serving others, we are served; sometimes in profound, life altering ways. - from Amzon 
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